Text: "Add Me" to 484-808-5646


Wow! I'm so glad you are all enjoying Ronnaldo Live!  It's so much fun playing your song requests and spending time with all of you. A couple of questions I've been getting are: 

- Ronnaldo, when are you going to be ON AIR next?
- What's the easiest way to send a Song Request?

Well, my personal schedule is always changing.  I usually just jump on the air when I have time.  But, with all the positive feedback I've been getting from all of you, I will be doing Ronnaldo Live! more often now.  So, I came up with a way that you can know ahead of time that I will be going LIVE ON AIR and give you time to get Your Song Requests in:

Text "Add Me" 
to: (484) 808-5646
Text "STOP" at anytime to be removed from Alerts.

... I will send out a Text Alert about an hour or so before I go ON AIR.  The text will tell you what time I will start the show and the great part is you can just respond to the text message with your song requests.  How easy is that! Try to get your requests in before the show starts so I will have time to get to them.

And just to be VERY clear, I will NOT be using these Text Alerts as a form of marketing.  This is just a way to keep you connected and letting you know the time of the upcoming Ronnaldo Live! Show.  Also, I will only send a Text Alert between the hours of 10am and 8pm (EST).  So, if I decide to go on late at night, you will NOT be bothered by a late night or early morning text. And, of course you can text "STOP" at anytime and will be removed from the list.

So, just text "Add Me" to (484) 808-5646 and I will send back a confirmation text back to you within 24 hours to let you know you are the list.

Thanks! I can't wait to play YOUR song requests.

~ Ronnaldo

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