Playlist Additions - Nov 2022

Pic of Let's Go To Town

Much like Santa's Elves are at this time of year, I was quite busy this past week as well.  I wasn't building toys for the children of the world, but I was restoring some great Big Band music from the archives of Old Time Radio. Here's a brief overview of what was added into the Swing City Radio rotation:

Music from the AFRS Show "Jubilee":
Some great tracks from artists like: Erskine Hawkins, Lucky Millinder, Benny Carter and Louis Armstrong.  Keep an ear out for "Let's Ball Awhile" and "Tuxedo Junction" by Erskine Hawkins.

"Make Believe Ballroom":
In February of 1940, Glenn Miller's Orchestra was the featured band for the show's 5th Anniversary on the air.  The fantastic performance includes versions of "Tiger Rag", "The Rhumba Jumps" and "Indian Summer".  The Andrews Sisters also made an appearance with "Ciribiribin".

Select performances from "One Night Stand": 
Excellent live recordings featuring: Bobby Sherwood (January 1947), 
Chuck Foster (August 1945), Carl Ravazza (August 1944) and two shows by Jerry Gray (October 1959 and January 1961).  Listen for great versions of "Restringing The Pearls".

Select tracks from "Let's Go To Town":
"Let's Go To Town" was a show that aired in the 1950's as a recruiting tool for The U.S. National Guard.  I've just started to make my way through the show's archives and have already restored and added tracks by Ralph Flanagan, Ray Anthony, Tony Pastor and Woody Herman.  Good Stuff!

Soundie: My Reverie

Picture of Larry Clinton

Today's Soundie features Larry Clinton and His Orchestra along with Peggy Mann on vocals performing "My Reverie". This was originally filmed in 1941 and by the time of it's release to Panoram movie-jukeboxes in October of 1943, Clinton's Orchestra had disbanded.

Picture of Peggy Mann

The production itself is pretty straight forward and basic, but it seems to work well with this Soundie. I really enjoy the job that Peggy Mann does with the vocals.  The original version of this Clinton classic from 1938 featured Bea Wain as the female lead, but Mann does a fantastic job.  She's also featured in two other Larry Clinton Soundies: "Deep Purple" and "The Night We Met in Honomu".


Watch: "My Reverie" by Larry Clinton and His Orchestra with Peggy Mann on vocals.

Station Mugs In The Wild

Picture of Swing City Radio Mug

Every now and then, listeners send me pictures of Swing City Radio station swag being used in the wild.  I have to admit, the photos bring a HUGE smile to my face.  These are two of my favorites.  If you'd like a mug of your own, click on the link I've provided below:

Picture of Swing City Radio Mug with Tea

I want to thank Rhonda, who listens in Pennsylvania and Madison, who listens in California for these great pictures!

Podcast: Show 139 - Meatballs and Bubble Gum

Picture of Big Band Podcast Logo

The Big Band and Swing Podcast - Meatballs and Bubble Gum - Show 139 - 

Features vintage Big Band recordings by Les Brown, Larry Clinton and Glenn Miller.  We also listen to a catchy little jingle promoting Nedick's Orange Drink.

* All music in this podcast are Creative Commons.  Artists are credited within the podcast.

Listen to: Meatballs and Bubble Gum (Show 139)
Podcast Episode

Listen to more episodes of The Big Band and Swing Podcast at:

The Charioteers

Picture of The Charioteers

The Charioteers formed in 1930 but did not record their first record until 1935.  They were originally called the Harmony Four but changed their name to The Charioteers, inspired by their favorite song to perform, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".  They originally just focused on gospel music but later moved to Popular Music.

They didn't manage to land a hit until the 1940's.  But, gained a good amount of popularity through radio and live performances.  In fact, they were the studio chorus on Bing Crosby's radio program, "Kraft Music Hall", from 1942 to 1946.  The Charioteers also recorded with Pearl Bailey and Frank Sinatra.

Their biggest hits were: "On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City", "Open the Door, Richard" and "Ooh! Look-a-There, Ain't She Pretty?". All of them charted in the 1940's.

The vocal group lasted for over 25 years and at different times featured the voices of: Wilfred "Billy" Williams, Edward Jackson, Ira Williams, Howard Daniel, Herbert Dickerson, Peter Leubers and John Harewood.

Listen to: "Elmer's Tune" by The Charioteers

You can hear The Charioteers right here on Swing City Radio.

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