Soundie: Jumpin' At The Jukebox

Picture of Jumpin' At The Jukebox

Today's Soundie is called "Jumpin' At The Jukebox" by Al Donahue and His Orchestra.  This catchy little song was released on December 6, 1943 to be played in Panorams all across the United States, but this was originally filmed in 1941 by a company called Phonovue Productions.  Phonovue Productions was later purchased by Soundies in 1943 and their clips were rebranded with the Soundies logo overlay to start off the film.

The vocalist is named Ellen Connor.  Connor was also the featured vocalist in another Soundie by Al Donahue called "Java Jive".

I just love the fact that the producers decided to stick Ellen into a hollowed out Panoram cabinet to sing her song.  The song is a little bit silly, but then again, most catchy songs are.  Enjoy!  

Watch: Al Donahue & His Orchestra - "Jumpin' At The Jukebox" from 1943

Podcast: Show 213 - A Full Dress Hop At High Tide

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The Big Band and Swing Podcast - A Full Dress Hop At High Tide - Show 213 - 

Features vintage music by Les Brown, Mildred Bailey and Gene Krupa.  Ronnaldo reads some listener mail.

* The musical performances and recordings featured in this podcast are in the Public Domain.  Artists are credited within the podcast.

Listen to: A Full Dress Hop At High Tide (Show 213)

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