Podcast: Show 216 - Hey, Let's Go To Town

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The Big Band and Swing Podcast - Hey, Let's Go To Town - Show 216 - 

Features vintage music by Tony Pastor, Johnny Long and Les Elgart.  We also learn about the show "Let's Go To Town".

* The musical performances and recordings featured in this podcast are in the Public Domain.  Artists are credited within the podcast.

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Soundie: "Everybody's Jumpin' Now"

Picture of Noble Sissle

Today's Soundie stars Noble Sissle and His Orchestra performing "Everybody's Jumpin' Now".  This was released to Panoram in December of 1946, which was near the end of the road for Soundies themselves.  Noble's band only had seven members, and at the time, that was considered small for an orchestra.  (That would soon change as the era came to a close.)  The director compensated for this by spreading out the members over a wide range of space to make the band look bigger.

Also featured as a dancer is Mabel Lee. Mabel Lee first appeared in Soundies as an extra in Louis Jordan's "Old Man Mose".  She eventually received more attention and soon became Soundies' own musical star. Mabel Lee ended up appearing in over a dozen Soundies, many of which, she herself, was the featured singer or dancer.

In this particular Soundie, both Sissle and Lee team up to provide so much energy.  Such a great performance.


Watch: Noble Sissle and His Orchestra performing 
"Everybody's Jumpin' Now" released in 1946.

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