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Blue Barron, born Harry Freidman, led one of the more successful "Mickey Mouse" bands of the 1940's and 50's.  Billed as the band that played "The Music of Yesterday and Today", Barron's Orchestra was cut from the same cloth as the bands of Guy Lombardo, Sammy Kaye and Kay Kyser.  He even featured the same "singing song title" gimmick.  He ran the band as a business, and he was VERY good at it and made a boatload of money.

Blue Barron had a huge following for a time. During the early 50's, Barron sold out ballrooms all across the country and was constantly booked and on tour.

I recently cut up and touched up one of his appearances on "One Night Stand".  I hate to admit it, but I found myself liking many of the songs that I heard.  Hmm, maybe my tastes are getting a little more "Sweeter" as I get older. Nah, I refuse to believe that.  I think I was just in some weird mood.  😀

Anyway, you can hear some "select" songs by Blue Barron right here on Swing City Radio.

Listen to: "Cruising Down The River" by Blue Barron

Watch: Thanks For The Boogie Ride

Pic of Anita O'Day and Roy Eldridge

Today's Soundie is the classic "Thanks For The Boogie Ride" by Gene Krupa.  This 1942 release features Anita O'Day and Roy Eldridge on vocals.

As far as Soundies go, the producers appear to have spent some time on this one.  The same set was used for another classic Krupa Soundie, "Let Me Off Uptown".  The camera work is very good and manages to capture the high energy that Krupa performances often gave off.

This Soundie also contains a nice little dance scene that includes Anita O'Day and a motorcycle cop.  Also, the Roy Eldridge solo is fantastic.

~ Enjoy

Watch: "Thanks For The Boogie Ride" by Gene Krupa from 1942

Wilbert Baranco

Picture of Wilbert Baranco

Even if you are a huge fan of the Big Bands, you may not recognize the name Wilbert Baranco.  Baranco was a great pianist and bandleader who, in most cases, flew below the radar during the era.

He played along side some big names in Jazz during the 1930's and 1940's including Dizzy Gillespie, Curtis Mosby, Snooky Young and led a trio which included Charles Mingus.  He also served as the accompanist for Dinah Washington when she sang with The Lucky Thompson All-Stars. 

Baranco is best remembered for his post World War II band "Wilbert Baranco & His Rhythm Bombardiers" which was composed of former servicemen.  That talented band "brought the house down" on a few episodes of "Jubilee", and we play those recordings right here on Swing City Radio.

Listen to: Wilbert Baranco on the old AFRS show "Jubilee"

By the time the 1950's had arrived, Baranco left the industry to be a music teacher.

Playlist: Added in June 2022

Picture of Les Elgart

I've been hard at work behind the scenes "cutting up and cleaning up" some great audio to play on Swing City Radio and The Big Band and Swing Podcast.

Here are some of the highlights of what has been added to the playlist during the month of June 2022:

Les Elgart:
Tracks from a great "One Night Stand" performance from The Astor Room including: "The Varsity Drag", "Wedding Bells", "When Day is Done" and more.

Doris Day:
Songs from the AFRS Music Transcription Library #P-1807 including: "Would I Love You, Love You, Love You", "I'll Be Around" and a fantastic version of "Lullaby of Broadway".

Art Mooney:
Tracks from two different "One Night Stand" performances including: "Jersey Turnpike", "One Mint Julip" and "Night Train".  Great stuff!

Glenn Miller:
Classic Glenn Miller material from a November 1941 show at The Cafe Rouge.  "Dreamsville, Ohio", "It Happened In Sun Valley" and "V-Hop" are just a few of the songs from that show that I now have up on Swing City Radio.

Other music added to the playlist include songs by: Count Basie, Tiny Bradshaw, Dick LaSalle, Johnny Richards, Carlton Hayes, Freddy Martin and Skinnay Ennis.   Enjoy!

~ Ronnaldo

Podcast: Show 117 - On a Wing and a Prayer

Picture of Big Band Podcast Logo

The Big Band and Swing Podcast - On a Wing and a Prayer - Show 117 - 

Features recordings by Tommy Dorsey, Buddy Clark, Ambrose and more.  We also learn how to put sunshine into our wash.

* All music in this podcast are Creative Commons.  Artists are credited within the podcast.

Listen to: On a Wing and a Prayer (Show 117)
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