Chick Webb

Chick Webb
Chick Webb (1905-1939) was a drummer and band leader is 1920's and 30's.

From childhood, he suffered from tuberculosis of the spine, leaving him with short stature and a badly deformed spine; which caused him to appear hunchbacked.  At the age of 17 Webb moved to New York City and by 1926 was leading his own band in Harlem. Chick Webb became one of the best-regarded bandleaders and drummers of the new "swing" style that was developing throughout the 30's.

Chick Webb and His Orchestra performed at a very high level of energy and that can be heard in both their live and studio recordings.

In 1935, he began featuring a young Ella Fitzgerald (still a teenager) as a vocalist. Together Chick and Ella would electrify the Swing Era of jazz with hits such as "A-Tisket a Tasket" which you can hear on Swing City: After Dark and on The Sunday Morning Swing.

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