Tar Paper Stomp Riff

Tar Paper Stomp Riff

"Tar Paper Stomp" is a 1930 recording by bandleader and trumpeter Wingy Manone. The instrumental featured a classic swing riff that was later used in the songs "Hot and Anxious" and "In the Mood."

Wingy Manone recorded "Tar Paper Stomp", also known as "Wingy's Stomp" or "Wingy's Blues", on August 28, 1930 in Richmond, Indiana. It was released on September 19, 1930 as a 78 rpm single on Champion Records credited to Barbeque Joe and his Hot Dogs. The recording was re-released in 1937 as a Decca 78 rpm single credited to Wingy Mannone and His Orchestra. Notice the extra "n" in his name.  I'm not sure if that was done intentionally or if it was a misprint by the label.

Wingy didn't know at the time how much impact his little riff  would have on some of the hits of the Big Band Era. Under copyright laws, a tune that had not been written down and registered with the copyright office was not protected.  This was unfortunate for Wingy.

Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra used the same riff from "Tar Paper Stomp" in "Hot and Anxious" in 1931 followed by Don Redman's version of the song.  A song entitled "Hot String Beans" released by Joe Marsala (featuring a young Buddy Rich) in 1938 also featured the riff but it wasn't as predominant.  But in 1939, Glenn Miller took the riff to a whole new level in his classic, "In the Mood."

Below you can listen to examples of the evolution of the famous riff:

Audio of "Tar Paper Stomp" by Wingy Manone

Audio of "Hot and Anxious" by Don Redman

Audio of "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller

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