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Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton (1919–1987) was a singer, actress and is best known for her singing with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. She was also the older sister of Betty Hutton.

Marion and Betty Hutton were raised in Battle Creek, Michigan. The sisters' father abandoned the family when they were both young forcing their mother to work a variety of jobs to support the family until she became a successful bootlegger. Marion Hutton was eventually discovered by Glenn Miller and was invited to join the Glenn Miller Orchestra in 1938. She was still only 17, so Glenn and Helen Miller became her legal guardians so she would be able to sing and perform in the nightclubs where the band played.  Marion had been quoted in interviews explaining that Glenn Miller was Like a father to her because she never had a father that she had remembered.

Miller wanted Marion to appear as an all-American girl, so on her first few performances, he introduced her as "Sissy Jones." The pseudonym was not used beyond those first performances.

Hutton was an important part of the Miller band for over six years.  She remained with Miller (except for a small personal break) until the orchestra disbanded in 1942.

Marion Hutton

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