Goodman at Manhattan Beach

Goodman at Manhattan Beach

This is a picture of Benny Goodman playing on the Manhattan Beach bandstand as Martha Tilton sings.  I just love this picture!  The picture can be found in the liner notes booklet of The Swing Years.  The Swing Years is record collection that was put out by Reader's Digest.  Those old Reader's Digest Big Band Collections are great! 

If you find a Reader's Digest Collection at a second hand store and own a record player they are usually a good purchase.  Many of them include six records or more.  Just make sure to look and see if the collection contains the original recordings by the original artists.  (Some of the collections feature newer recordings of the songs and aren't as good.)  Also, look through it and make sure the booklet is still included.  The booklets are just as entertaining as the recordings and are filled with interesting information and pictures.

Listen to Tracks from Record #6 of "The Swing Years" Collection

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