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A very entertaining and interesting album I recently picked up is "Jammin' For The Jackpot: Big Bands and Territory Bands of the 30s."  The record features a collection of music performed by some nearly forgotten regional bands of that decade mixed in with songs from some well known names like Cab Calloway and Chick Webb.  It's the lesser known bands that make this album worthwhile.

Some of the more obscure territory bands included are:

  • Boots and His Buddies - They were based in the Southwestern portion of the U.S.
  • Hunter's Serenaders - The band was popular in the Omaha, Nebraska area
  • Grant Moore and His New Orleans Black Devils - They were ironically NOT based in New Orleans. The played out of Milwaukee and through Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas.
  • J. Neal and His Orchestra - Prominent in the Atlanta, Georgia region
  • Zach Whyte's Chocolate Beau Brummels - Made recordings in Indiana

I was able to get my hands on a very good, well preserved record and the sound quality of some of the songs can be a little sketchy.  This isn't due to the vinyl condition, it's more of a result of the poor recording of the original performances.  This is probably because many of these session took place in smaller town studios.  Still, the music holds up and it's a fun record to listen to.  I will not be able to play some of the songs on the station because of audio quality issues, but listen out for the songs I do include because they are worth the listen.

The album also came with some great information about some of the bands in a booklet included as part of the original design and packaging of the record.  A very nice find and a fantastic look at some of the lesser known Big Bands of the 1930s.

Inside bookletInside Booklet

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