The Duke's Ideas by Charlie Barnet

The Duke's Ideas by Charlie Barnet Album Cover

What a fantastic album and one that I highly recommend.  I got my hands on this LP just before the holidays and is well worth the $1 purchase price.  I truly love that you can still find gems like these in used record stores at bargain prices.

"The Duke's Ideas" Volume 1 (1939-1941) was the first in a reissue program dedicated to Charlie Barnet.  The album, as the liner notes state, is built around themes by Duke Ellington or compositions inspired by the Duke's style. Charlie was a very big fan of Duke Ellington and it shows through in these recordings.

I've added the majority of the songs contained in this album to the Swing City Radio normal playlist including the tracks The Duke's Idea, Harlem Speaks and Midweek Function.

Like I said, if you have a chance to pick this up somewhere, do it!  It's a keeper.

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