Twice Blessed Dance Scene

Twice Blessed

Watch a great dance scene from the 1945 movie "Twice Blessed".  Twice Blessed was a comedy starring Preston Foster, Gail Patrick, and The Wilde Twins, Lee and Lyn Wilde.  More about the film below the video. Enjoy!

The plot of this film is that there are two identical twins (The Wilde Sisters) who have been split up since their parents divorce. Each envies the life style of the other so they decide to switch families for a day or two.  Hmmm...seems like Hollywood like this plot line and story and has used it many times over the years, huh.  The movie poster says it all!  "They're Babes in Arms Dancing, Romancing with the Joy of Life!" - I'm pretty sure if I was walking past that movie poster in 1945, I would have done a quick U-Turn into the theater.  

Twice Blessed Poster

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