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Pic of Evelyn Dall

Evelyn Dall was known in the UK as England's "Original Blonde Bombshell".  Originally from New York City, Dall began her career in short films and in supporting roles on Broadway.  In 1935, she moved to England to become the female vocalist for Bert Ambrose and his Orchestra.

Here's a video featuring excerpts from a 1941 British film "He Found a Star". Evelyn Dall sings the songs "Salome" and "Costa Rhumba" in this clip. I get such a kick out of "Salome".  I think I've watched it a dozen times and can't get the darn song out of my head.  :)

Evelyn Dall Video

Below is a peek into the personal life of Evelyn Dall.  Her fun, quirky personality shows through in this video.

Evelyn Dall Video

You can hear Evelyn Dall sing with Bert Ambrose and his Orchestra right here on Swing City Radio.

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