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Baby Names from 1910s

In the Big Band and Swing Podcast - Episode: 14 (which will be posted on June 5th, 2020) - I featured the song "Elmer's Tune" and looked at the history behind the song.  Well, repeating the name Elmer a few times during the recording of the podcast got me thinking about how much names have changed over the last one hundred years.

Above are the most popular male and female baby names of the 1910's in the United States.  I chose the 1910's simply because that was the decade that many of the artists we play on the station were born. Below is a list of the most popular baby names of the 2010's.  Pretty interesting huh?  Do you think the names of today are more modern?  Or, has there been a cycle back to more traditional names?  Your thoughts...

 Most popular baby names: 2010s
Baby Names from 2010s

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