The Dinning Sisters: Soundies and Snaders

Picture of The Dinning Sisters

The Dinning Sisters were Capitol Records answer to the The Andrews Sisters who recorded for the Decca Label.  The trio consisted of Lucille Dinning, Jean Dinning and Ginger Dinning. Lucille left the group in 1946 to be replaced by Jayne Bundesen who stayed until 1952.

I chose to feature "Pig Foot Pete" by The Dinning Sisters because it was one of those rare songs that were made into both a Soundie and a Snader Telescription.  The Soundie from the 1940's includes the original line up and the Snader Telescription from the 1950's was recorded with Jayne Bundesen in place of Lucille.

It's interesting to see both side by side to view the comparisons and difference between Soundies and Snader Telescriptions.  Plus, it's a good song and easy to listen to twice. 😀  Take notice of the different production styles and presentation. Enjoy!

Watch: Soundie from the 1940's featuring "Pig Foot Pete" by The Dinning Sisters

Watch: Snader Telescription from the 1950's featuring "Pig Foot Pete" by The Dinning Sisters

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