Soundie: The Cat Can't Dance

Picture of Mabel Lee

Today's Soundie features the beautiful singer and dancer Mabel Lee performing a song called The Cat Can't Dance.  Mabel is backed by Deryck Sampson and His Band in this one.  It's a very catchy song.

Mabel Lee was known as "The Queen of The Soundies".  She was featured in about fifteen Soundies and appeared as an extra in many others.  Wikipedia states that she appeared in over one hundred Soundies.  I'm not sure where they got those numbers but I don't think that is correct.  Regardless of the exact number, she was in a boatload of them.

Lee was an established dancer and entertainer with a good voice.  When watching her clips it's not hard to notice the amount of skin she would show.  Soundies were not subjected to Hollywood censorship rules back then. 

It's true that Mabel Lee was one sexy performer, but she was also an amazing talent.  Enjoy!

Watch: Mabel Lee in "The Cat Can't Dance"

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