Soundie: Watcha Know Joe? - Larry Clinton

Picture of Larry Clinton

Today's Soundie is "Watcha Know Joe?" (notice the spelling of the title) by Larry Clinton.  This is a simple, straight-forward Soundie that features the band playing on a studio stage.  The vocals are handled by Butch Stone.

The footage was originally filmed in 1941 but was released as a Soundie in August of 1943.  By the time of it's release, Larry Clinton was already serving in the armed forces in World War II.

Take notice that the Phonovue prints (the credit overlay at the beginning) cite the title of the song as "Watcha Know Joe?." I know the budgets on the production of these Soundies were quite tight, but you think they could have afforded that extra "H" they left out of the word "Whatcha".  :)

All jokes aside, Clinton and the boys perform a unique and entertaining version of this song.  Enjoy!

Watch: "Watcha Know Joe?" by Larry Clinton and his Orchestra.

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