Soundie: House On 52nd Street

Pic of Henry "Red" Allen

Today's Soundie is called "House On 52nd Street" and features Henry "Red" Allen and J.C. Higginbotham.  Even though the credits in the title list this as a 1946 release on YouTube, my resources state that this was released to the nationwide network of Panorams in late 1944.  But I could be wrong, because the person that originally posted this online included some very good and detailed information in the description.

This is a straight-forward, stage performance Soundie that features some great music provided Red Allen's Combo.  Allen's Combo at the time included Higginbotham on trombone, Bill Thompson, Alvin Burroughs, Don Stovall, Bennie Moten, and of course, Henry "Red" Allen on trumpet and vocals.  Some pretty big names in there.

By the time this was filmed, Red Allen had made quite a name for himself as a featured soloist for bands led by Luis Russell, Fletcher Henderson, Benny Goodman and many others.

Such a good Soundie!  Enjoy.

Watch: "House On 52nd Street" performed by Henry "Red" Allen

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