Jimmy Joy and His Orchestra

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The Jimmy Joy Orchestra will never rank amongst the top bands of the Swing Era, but for a regional band, they did manage to attract a pretty good following.  The orchestra itself was started in the mid-1920's on the campus of the University of Texas.  They got their name from their leader’s association with Joyland Park in Galveston, TX, where many of their early concerts took place.

The bandleader's name was Monte Maloney.  In 1929, Maloney changed his name to Jimmy Joy.  Joy was quite the showman.  He was well known for his ability to play two clarinets at the same time.  Even though the band never broke through to the national level, Jimmy Joy was so popular in Texas that he was made an honorary Texas Ranger in the 1930's.  Joy was also made an honorary Kentucky Colonel after his orchestra played three seasons at the track as the Official Kentucky Derby Orchestra.

The majority of the orchestra's bookings and gigs were in the Midwest and Southern parts of the United States.  Jimmy Joy and His Orchestra, to their credit, remained active until the 1950's.  A pretty good run for a regional band.

Listen to: "Last Night's Gardenias" by Jimmy Joy and His Orchestra.

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