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Perry Como enjoyed a career that spanned more than fifty years.  His intimate vocal style and good looks made him one of the most popular "crooners" of the era.  It was also a career that came close to not happening at all because of Como's other passion of becoming a the best barber in his hometown of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Como, by all accounts, was a fantastic barber.  But, there was no denying that he was also a great vocalist and musician.  Those talents were soon noticed by bandleader Freddy Carlone that asked Como to join his band in 1932.

In 1935, a spot opened up in the Ted Weems Orchestra, and Carlone himself encouraged Como to move on to Weems' band. This launched Como unto a national stage and during his time with Ted Weems, Como developed the vocal style that would define him for the rest of his career. 

Perry Como spent over seven years as Ted Weems' featured vocalist.  It was a very successful partnership, but as Como started raising a family, the constant touring and time away from his family weighed too heavy on him.  Como left the band in 1942 with the full intention of returning to his passions of being a barber.

Soon after Como's departure, he began to field offers to host radio shows which promised to keep his travel limited. He also signed a contract with the RCA Victor label and remained with them for 44 years.  From that point forward, Como would go on to become one of the most successful vocalists of his time, sell millions of records and become a major draw on both radio and television.

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