Soundie: "He Plays Gin Rummy"

Picture of Gale Storm and Iris Dawn

Today's Soundie is a charming little song from 1942 called "He Plays Gin Rummy" and features vocalists Gale Storm and Iris Dawn.  The Ted Fio Rito and His Skylined Music provide the music. The credits listed on Youtube claim that this is from 1948 with Ivan Scott and His Orchestra providing the musical background, but my sources tell me otherwise.

Regardless, this is a cute little number and quite entertaining.  I'm not the biggest fan of colorized Soundies, but this still manages to retain it's charm.

I don't know much about Iris Dawn, other than the fact that she made appearances in a couple of Soundies.

Gale Storm, who's real name was Josephine Owaissa Cottle, was an actress who appeared in many films during the 1940's, as well as starring in over a half a dozen Soundies.  She later starred on two television program in 1950's and even landed a couple of Billboard hits as a singer.


Watch: "He Plays Gin Rummy" featuring Gale Storm and Iris Dawn

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