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Liz Tilton was the younger sister of famed Benny Goodman vocalist, Martha Tilton.  She never enjoyed the popularity achieved by her older sister, but Liz managed to put together a pretty good career in her own right.

Her career started in 1938 with Kenny Baker's band while she was still in high school.  She was also featured by Buddy Rodgers before joining Ray Noble and His Orchestra in 1940.

In early 1941, she left Noble's band to join on with Bob Crosby's outfit.  This move greatly increased Tilton's exposure.  Shortly after World War II broke out, Liz was featured on many AFRS Programs and performed at many USO shows.

By the mid 1940's, Liz Tilton had created a bit of name for herself and was no longer just known as Martha's kid sister.  She joined up with Jan Garber and His Orchestra for a couple of years and and also enjoyed a mildly successful solo career. 

Listen to: "It's Been a Long, Long Time" sung by Liz Tilton.

Note: Liz was billed by her full name, Elizabeth Tilton on many recordings as well.

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