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Tommy Carlyn and his Orchestra never really ascended to the national level, but they did achieve some success as a regional band. It was a decent band as well, showing a lot of promise and talent.  Carlyn, whose real name was Anthony Colella, based his outfit in the Pittsburgh area during the 1940's. At that time, Western Pennsylvania had a very good Swing Scene going on. Nothing that rivaled New York or Chicago, but it did have a fair amount of clubs that featured some very entertaining bands.  Tommy Carlyn led one of those bands.

I have found and restored one of Tommy Carlyn's performances from January of 1945 that took place at Bill Green's Casino. I've added a handful of songs from that show to the Swing City Radio playlist and it's very good stuff.  The concert was originally recorded and featured on the AFRS Show - One Night Stand.  Below, I included one of his songs that I played by him on my podcast.  It should be cued up starting with his version of "There Goes That Song Again". 

Listen to: Tommy Carlyn perform "There Goes That Song Again"

Tommy Carlyn's music continues to live on all these years later and can be heard right here on Swing City Radio.

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