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George Paxton led a very good band from 1944 until about 1949.  He got his start in the late 1930's as an arranger and saxophonist for George Hall's Orchestra. At that time, George Hall was turning over the reigns of his band to his popular vocalist, Dolly Dawn, and Paxton's excellent arrangements helped make the transition a success.

In the early 1940's, Paxton began arranging music for Bunny Berigan, Charlie Spivak, Vaughn Monroe and Sammy Kaye.  His top shelf arrangements also played a large role in the comeback of bandleader Ina Ray Hutton.

In 1944, Paxton stepped out of the background and formed his own band. George Paxton and His Orchestra went on to enjoy a good level of success and popularity.  The band toured the eastern part of the United States and reached a national audience via broadcasts from the Roseland Ballroom.  

His band featured some pretty big names including Nick Fatool on drums, Doc Goldberg on bass and vocalists Alan Dale and Liza Morrow to name just a few.

George Paxton later went on to influence the music of the 1960's with a record label he co-founded called Coed Records.

Listen to: "Screamliner" by George Paxton and His Orchestra

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