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Diane Courtney was a versatile vocalist whose singing career spanned from the early 1940's into the 1950's. Her presence was mostly felt on the radio, she didn't record many studio sides.  Courtney's two biggest radio gigs was for the "Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street" and "The Alan Young Show."  Her work and recordings on both shows were excellent and really showed off her range as a vocalist. 

Aside from her radio work, there isn't much of a catalog from Courtney to speak of.  There are some recordings she did with Nat Brandwynn and His Orchestra and a couple of songs she recorded in the late 40's as a solo artist that weren't very successful.

As far as I know, Diane Courtney turned to Film and Television in the 1950's to extend her career. She appeared in "Once Upon a Tune" in 1951 along with some smaller roles throughout the decade.  Courtney even made an appearance on "The Munsters" in the mid 1960's.

Listen to: "Magic is the Moonlight" by Diane Courtney from 1944

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