Soundie: "Anvil Chorus"

Picture of Al Donahue

Today's Soundie is "Anvil Chorus" by Al Donahue and His Orchestra.  This was filmed and released in 1943.  Donahue and his boys do some nice work in this one and it features some pretty good solos.  I'm not sure if Al got the memo that he was being filmed.  Throughout the majority of the Soundie he is facing the band and rarely acknowledges or interacts with the camera.

Also, Ive covered the reason that the film is in reverse in past posts.  But, in case you are newer to Soundies, this clip is from one of the original reels that was show on the Panoram.  While playing, the film images would bounce off a set of mirrors to appear on the Panoram screen in the correct direction.


Watch the Soundie: "Anvil Chorus" by Al Donahue and His Orchestra from 1943

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