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Harry Cool was a talented vocalist that is most remembered for the time he spent with Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra.  He also had a run with Will Osborne's Orchestra and went on to lead his own band and trio.

In 1940, Harry Cool got his "big break" when he replaced Eddy Howard as the featured vocalist for the Jurgens Band.  Cool can be heard on the Jurgens hits "A Million Dreams Ago" and "The Bells of San Raquel".

In 1942, Jurgens decided to disband his orchestra due to the 1942 Recording Ban and enlisted in the US Armed Forces.  Harry soon found himself featured as a vocalist for the Will Osborne Orchestra and recorded some sides and Soundies with them.

Later in the 1940's, Harry went off on his own and formed "Harry Cool and His Orchestra".  The band had some mild success and by the early 1950's Cool had slimmed the band down into "The Harry Cool Trio".

By the mid-1950's, with a family to support, Harry moved on from the bright lights of the stage and settled into a more stable line of work managing a Chicago nightspot called Mister Kelly's.

Listen to: "A Million Dreams Ago" by Dick Jurgens featuring Harry Cool on vocals from 1940.

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