Watch: Rubber Dolly (My Wubba Dolly)

Picture of Helen O'Connell

Today's clip comes from a musical short called "Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra", which was released by Paramount Pictures in February of 1940.  It captures a young Helen O'Connell performing the song "Rubber Dolly" (sometimes referred to as: "My Wubba Dolly").  What a great clip!  Helen sounds amazing and Jimmy's band were at the top of their game at that point in time.

O'Connell looks stunning but take notice of that ridiculous pompom on her dress.  Rumor has it that the cut of her neckline was showing a little "too much" in the opinion of the studio, so they stitched that black pompom on as a fix.

The "Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra" short film this is from also includes the songs: "Contrasts" (Short Intro), "Beebe", "Only a Rose" sung by Bob Eberly and "John Silver".

I almost forgot to add that there is a nice intro for Helen in this clip as well.  Enjoy!

Watch: "Rubber Dolly" performed by Helen O'Connell with Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra from February of 1940.

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