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Timing is sometimes more important than talent.  Gail Reese was the featured female vocalist for three of the big-name bands from the Swing Era but her name is often forgotten.

After getting her start in Dick Messner's band in 1936, she soon found herself in the band of Charlie Barnet.  Barnet's band was still trying to find itself in the mid 30's and her time with them didn't last long.

In 1937, Gail joined Bunny Berigan's Orchestra.  As a member of Bunny's band, Reese would go on to make her most memorable recordings and was the featured vocalist on the tracks "I Dance Alone", "Let 'Er Go" and a great version of "Sophisticated Swing", just to name a few.

In 1938, Reese joined Glenn Miller's new band.  She was a part of some of Miller's first radio broadcasts from the Paradise Restaurant in New York City.  She was soon replaced by Marion Hutton and sadly for Reese, she was not a part of the meteoric rise that Miller and his band experienced months later.  As I said before, timing is sometimes more important than talent.

By 1939, Reese had retired from the music business, got married and focused on raising a family.

Listen to: "Why'd Ya Make Me Fall In Love" by Glenn Miller featuring the vocals of Gail Reese.

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