Watch: "Pete The Piper" - Susan Miller

Picture of Susan Miller

Today's Soundie is called "Pete The Piper" and features Susan Miller.  It was released to Panorams in March of 1941.  The lyrics are about an amazing flute musician who enchants everyone whenever he visits.  Ironically, in the Soundie, bagpipes seem to be the instrument of choice.  Dancer, Danny Hoctor, also appears and The Lorraine Page Orchestra provides the music.

This catchy little number is just one of five Soundies that Susan Miller took part in.  Miller appeared in some Hollywood films and had some stints on the radio with Rudy VallĂ©e in the early 1940's.  She is also considered "Soundies" first singing star. 


Watch the Soundie: "Pete The Piper" starring Susan Miller from 1941.

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