Soundie: "Loretta"

Picture of Ronnie Kemper

Today's Soundie features Ronnie Kemper and His Orchestra performing the song "Loretta".  This was released to Panorams in 1942.  Ronnie Kemper was once a vocalist for both Dick Jurgens and Horace Heidt.  Unfortantly, when Kemper finally decided to lead his own band, the Musicians Union Strike of 1942-43 prevented him from making any records. The other Soundie he recorded was "Knit One - Purl Two" also made in 1942. 

This song sounds very similiar to "Cecilia", a single he recorded with Dick Jurgens just a couple years before.  The dancer playing the role of Loretta in this clip is Billie Mayshell.  Well, at least I think it is.


Watch: "Loretta" by Ronnie Kemper and His Orchestra from 1942

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