Buddy Morrow

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Trombonist, Buddy Morrow, led a very entertaining band of his own during the 1950's.  He got his start playing gigs with the bands of Artie Shaw, Vincent Lopez and Eddy Duchin but started to make a name for himself after joining Tommy Dorsey's band in 1938.

In the early 1940's he spent time in the bands of Tony Pastor and Bob Crosby.  When he joined the U.S. Navy, he paired up with Billy Butterfield to entertain the troops during World War II.  

After the war, Buddy joined Jimmy Dorsey's band for awhile and then went out on his own.  Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra enjoyed some moderate commercial success which is impressive, because at that time the genre itself was in such decline. 

After dissolving his band in the early 1960's, Morrow was still in high demand as a sideman and made many recordings with names like Count Basie, Artie Shaw and Sarah Vaughn.  He also spent time as a member of "The Tonight Show Band".  In 1977, Morrow took over the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and led the band until his death in 2010.

Listen to: Night Train by Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra from 1952

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