Erskine Butterfield

Picture of Erskine Butterfield

Erskine Butterfield got his start in the 1930's playing piano for Noble Sissle and his Orchestra.  In 1937, Butterfield formed a band of his own and started to record for the Variety record label.  By 1938, he made the jump to Decca Records where he recorded over forty titles.  During the 1940's his band was known as "Erskine Butterfield and his Blue Boys".

Butterfield was drafted into the military in 1943.  He continued to play music during World War II and was even featured on a couple of V-Discs.  After World War II, Butterfield formed a trio and toured extensively, but his music didn't have the same amount of commercial appeal as it did in the past.

During his career, Butterfield made many appearances on The Nat King Cole Show, The Tony Martin Program and The Jo Stafford Show.

Listen to: "The Boogie Beat'll Get You" by Erskine Butterfield from 1944

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