Soundie: "Half Past Jump Time"

Picture of Mabel Lee

Today's Soundie features the beautiful Mabel Lee singing a song called "Half Past Jump Time".  This was released to Panoram in December of 1945 and the music was provided by Deryck Sampson and His Band.

Mabel Lee started to appear in Soundies a few years before this release as an extra.  One of her first was in Louis Jordan's "Old Man Mose".  By 1945 she had become a star on the small screen of the Panoram.

"Half Past Jump Time" is a catchy, fun song that shows off Mabel Lee's talent.  It's one of the few clips where she is conservatively dressed, but while dancing she still manages to put in a racy performance.  There's no doubt that her popularity was tied to her great looks, but Lee's talent as a performer shouldn't be overlooked.

I'd also like to add that Deryck Sampson and His Band puts in a very nice performance as well.


Watch: Mabel Lee perform "Half Past Jump Time" from 1945

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