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Tiny Hill (Harry Lawrence Hill) was one of the biggest bandleaders of the era.  Not purely based on his popularity, it was because he weighed in at over 365 lbs.  For a time, Hill was billed as "America's Biggest Bandleader".  Hill was also a drummer and a vocalist.

In 1931, Hill formed his first band which was simply known as the "Fat Man's Band." Dixieland jazz and hillbilly music was their original focus but by the last 1930's, Hill and his band were churning out warm dance music.

Helped by good exposure on the radio station "WGN" based out of Chicago, Tiny Hill aquired a nice follwing throughout the Midwest. In the early 1940's, Hill branched out and developed a national audience and toured the country.  1943 saw Tiny Hill and His Orchestra become the summer replacement band on the hit radio show "Your Hit Parade.

Listen to: "Angry" by Tiny Hill and His Orchestra from 1939

Tiny and his band continued to enjoy success for many years, well into the 1950s, until the end of the big band era.  You can hear the music of Tiny Hill right here on Swing City Radio.

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