May 2023: New Additions To The Playlist

Pic of GI Journal

Recently, I've added some great music into the Swing City Radio rotation.  The bulk of the tracks come from two classic radio shows, "G.I Journal" and "Club Fifteen".  I thought it would be a good idea to provide a brief summary of the shows and the artists and music that was featured on both.  

Pic of GI Journal Transcription Disc

G.I Journal:

G.I. Journal's "first edition" was recorded on June 29, 1943.  The show can be described as "a news paper of the airwaves" and was from the same mold of other AFRS variety shows like "Command Performace and Mail Call".  The show host was known as the editor.  Throughout it's run Kay Kyser, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Jack Carson all served as "editors".  

Some of the great tracks you'll hear from this show are songs by Kay Kyser, Skinnay Ennis and Glenn Miller.  Very good stuff!

Pic of Bob Crosby

Club Fifteen:

Club Fifteen is a radio program that ran from June 1947 until January of 1953.  It was hosted for the most part by Bob Crosby, except for 1949-50 when Dick Haymes took over to host.  The program was sponsored by Campbell Soups.

Jerry Gray did a fantastic job leading a very talented show orchestra and Del Sharbutt was the announcer and played a big part in the show.  I was able to extract and "clean up" great tracks by the regulars and guests including songs by: The Andrews Sisters, The Modernaires, The Pied Pipers, Margaret Whiting, Gisele Mackenzie and many more.  Oh, and of course, Bob Crosby and Dick Haymes.  Very good music that I think you are going to enjoy.

Also, I was able to recover a boatload (or I should say, a heaping bowl full) of Campbell's commercials that are fun to listen to.

So keep an ear out for songs from these two classic shows.  They were added to the rotation the first week of May.  Enjoy!

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