Station Updates - June 2023

Pic of Duz Soap

Here's a breakdown of some of the songs that I've added into the Swing City Radio rotation this week.  I've also included some information about programming change as well.  Hint:  It's New and Improved!

- Newly Added - 

Pic of Here's To Veterans

Select songs from "Here's To Veterans": - 

"Here's To Veterans" was produced and distributed by the Veteran's Administration to help promote services and provide helpful information to U.S. Military Veterans.  The successful series ran for a few decades or so.  Each transcribed episode lasted for about 15 minutes and it was shipped to local radio stations for airplay across the country. 

Most importantly for us, it contained some great music.  Keep an ear out for some great tunes by Ray Anthony, Stan Kenton, Tommy Dorsey, Tex Beneke, Glen Gray and more.

Pic of The Cocoanut Grove

Select songs from "Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors":

For those of you that like some of the more "sweeter" sounding Dance Bands from the 1930's, I have been adding select songs from a show called "Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors" that originally aired between 1931 and 1934.  The sound quality is excellent on most of these and features music by bandleaders Gus Arnheim, Jimmie Grier and Ted Fio Rito.

The Cocoanut Grove was a huge nightclub located in the famous Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California.  For years it was the center of the music universe on the West Coast.  Along with the great music, the club was also famous for having a policy forbidding unwanted cameras. As a result, The Cocoanut Grove became a magnet for high-profile guests including many Hollywood celebrities who wanted to enjoy themselves away from the prying eyes of the press.

Pic of Instant Ralston Cereal

Vintage Radio Ads and PSAs:

To give the station a more "vintage feel", I've decided to now play Classic Radio Ads and old Public Service Announcements throughout the day's programming.  I truly feel that this will add to the listening experience.

Please keep in mind, these are for entertainment and educational purposes only.  Swing City Radio does not endorse any of these products and does not receive any compensation for airplay.  Heck, many of them don't even exist anymore.  😀  


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