Added To Playlist Dec 2024 - Ella Fitzgerald

Picture of Ella Fitzgerald and Her Famous Orchestra

I've recently added some great instrumental tracks by Ella Fitzgerald and Her Famous Orchestra to the Swing City Radio playlist.  They include songs from various 1939 performances broadcasted from the Savoy Ballroom, located in Harlem, as well as gigs from The Grand Terrace in Chicago and The Roseland in New York City. The Roseland performances took place in early 1940.

The spotlight on these tracks shines more on the band, and not on Fitzgerald.  In 1939, bandleader Chick Webb sadly passed away and left the control of his top shelf band in the hands of Ella Fitzgerald.  She led this incredible band until 1942 when she left to pursue her solo career and became the vocal icon we remember her as today.

Listen to: Ella Fitzgerald and Her Famous Orchestra – "The Harlem Stride"

This great band included names like Taft Jordan, Dick Vance, George Matthews and Sandy Williams.  These tracks were all broadcasted within a year of Chick Webb's passing and you can still hear the influence he had on the orchestra.  In my humble opinion, Webb led one of the most rockin' bands of the 1930's and you can hear it in the recordings.

Listen to: Ella Fitzgerald and Her Famous Orchestra – "Everybody Rock"


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