Artists Played on Swing City Radio [ 2 ]

Swing City Radio plays artists and performers from the Big Band and Swing Era of the 1930's and 1940's and Modern Swing artists from today.  We are constantly altering our playlists to keep our programming fresh, enjoyable and entertaining for our Big Band and Swing listening audience.  (You are the best audience in the world by the way!)

Below please find a partial list of the artists we play on Swing City Radio.  We've included a short bio along with a Wikipedia link so you can learn more about your favorite artists.  If you ever feel we should include an artist you haven't been hearing on our station, then please email us a request.

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David Rose
Dick Haymes
Dick Jergens
Dick Robertson
Dinah Shore
Dolly Dawn
Don Redman
Doris Day
Duke Ellington
Earl Burtnett
Earl Hines
Eddy Duchin
Ella Mae Morse
Elliot Lawrence
Ernie Hawkins
Fats Waller
Fletcher Henderson
Frank Sinatra
Frankie Carle
Freddie Slack
Freddy Martin
Gene Krupa
George Hall
Georgie Auld
Glen Gray
Glenn Miller
Gray Gordon
Gus Arnheim
Guy Lombardo

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