Hudson-DeLange Orchestra

The Hudson-DeLange Orchestra

Hudson was a dance-band arranger, and co-leader with Eddie DeLange of the Hudson-DeLange Orchestra. Singers with the Hudson-DeLange Orchestra included Ruth Gaylor, in 1936; Mitchell Ayres (né Meyer Agress; 1910–1969), in 1937; Georgia Gibbs (formerly Fredda Gibson; née Frieda Lipschitz; 1919–2006); and Nan Wynn. When the Hudson-DeLange Orchestra was at the height of its popularity, around 1940, Hudson had to withdraw for health reasons.

Hudson led his own band, the Will Hudson Orchestra, from 1939 to about 1941. Singers included Kay Kenny; Elisse Cooper, who, in 1944 married saxophonist Joseph Gabriel "Gabe" Gelinas; Jayne Dover (née Jane Rappaport), while signing with Van Alexander Orchestra; and Ruth Gaylor.

Eddie DeLange co-led with Hudson the Hudson DeLange Orchestra and wrote the lyrics to several songs composed by Hudson. Notable musicians involved with the band include George Siravo (also with the Will Hudson Orchestra; on the clarinet), Edward ("Doc") Goldberg (bass); Mitchell Ayres, Mitchell Parish (lyricist), Georgia Gibbs (vocalist), Nan Wynn (vocalist), and Gus Bivona (clarinet).

In 1941, Hudson began focusing on arranging, full-time.

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