Station Supporter Gifts

These items make great gifts for listeners and purchasing Station Supporter Gifts are a great way to support Swing City Radio.  Please help keep Swing City Radio "Commercial Free!"

You might think:  "Wow!  $14.95 for a Bumper Sticker?  $39.95 for a Mug?  That's expensive!"

Station Support Gifts are priced this way because a large amount of the purchase goes to supporting our station.  Think of it as a way that you can Support Swing City Radio and get a Gift at the same time. 

You Get a Gift!  Swing City Radio Gets Support.  Everybody wins! :)

This mug is awesome!  It just "feels" good in your hand and is very well made.  This is NOT one of those cheap mugs.  Enjoy your morning coffee and support Swing City Radio at the same time.

15 oz Swing City Radio Mug

This is a great way to support Swing City Radio!  A large amount of the purchase price goes to keeping our station Commercial Free!  So, how good would this look on YOUR car?

Swing City Radio Bumper Sticker

These BackStage Passes are a great, unique gift for a station listener. Purchasing a BackStage Pass is a fantastic way to support Swing City Radio!

Swing City Radio BackStage Pass

This Designer Wood Box Sign is VERY classy!  Purchasing one of these items is a great way to "give big" to Swing City Radio. Our station receives a large percentage of the purchase price and will go far in helping us pay our operational expenses.  Each Wood Box Sign contains a message thanking you for your support.

Swing City Radio Wood Box Sign

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