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Alvino Rey was born Alvin McBurney.  He was an underrated band leader and fantastic steel guitarist.

From 1932–1938 he served as a member of Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights. Alvino drew a lot of attention to himself and the band when he started playing pedal steel guitar. Later on down the road, the Gibson corporation asked him to develop a pickup for the guitar since Alvino also had a background in electronics.

In 1937, he married Louise King of the King Sisters and two years later formed his own band along with the other King Sisters. In my opinion, this was the period that produced Alvino's most noteable music.

In 1941, Alvino Rey released "I Said No!" featuring Yvonne King on lead vocals.  Excellent song!  Yvonne's voice just melts your soul.  In 1942, the band released "Idaho" and their version of "Deep in the Heart of Texas," which was a big hit.

Audio Recording of "I Said No!" by Alvino Rey

In the 1990s, Alvino, still with his wife Louise King (they were married until her death in 1997 - that's 60 years of marriage), moved to Utah.  Rey passed away in 2004 at the ripe old age of 94.

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