Video: World War II Radio Programs

Picture from World War 2 Video

In May of 1942 the Armed Forces Radio Services (AFRS) was formally established to generate additional programming for the troops.

Initially AFRS programming included mostly transcribed commercial network radio shows with the commercials removed. Soon numerous original AFRS produced programs such as "Mail Call," "G.I. Journal," "Jubilee," and "G.I. Jive" were added to the mix. At its peak in 1945 the AFRS was generating about 20 hours of original programming each week. The AFRS could retain the services of the best writers and performers without regard to their network or studio contractual obligations. This was especially beneficial during The Musicians' Strike of 1942-1944.

Unlike network programming in the States, AFRS programs were recorded for later broadcast.  These original programs were broadcast to the troops overseas, and usually were not heard by Americans at home.

Check out this video that highlights some of the entertainment that was provided for American Troops during World War II.

Video of World War II Radio Programs

If you like this video, I encourage you to check The Second World War Youtube Channel.  It has many interesting videos that are fun to watch!  (Especially for history buffs such as myself.)

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