Independence Day

Happy Birthday America!  I can't believe you are 244 years old!  You don't look a day over 200.  :)

The USA is going through some rough times right now.  No country is, or ever will be, perfect.  We have hit some major bumps in the road, but if I know this country, I'm sure we will eventually figure this all out.

A lot of turmoil, illness, fear, anger and uncertainty has filled our country, an in most cases, the whole world.  I know that those of you in our listening audience living in different countries around the world are experiencing versions of the same issues the United States are currently facing.  I hope you all feel, wherever you are listening from, that Swing City Radio is a place you can go to escape for awhile.

With all of its faults and shortcomings - I love the United States and I'm proud to be an American!  So Happy Birthday America!

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