Swing City Radio Mug

Swing City Radio Mug

So I got my new Swing City Radio Mug today!  Very exciting! (I need a life, haha.)  It's the same mug that we feature in our Swing City Radio Swag Store.  Looking forward to drinking gallons of coffee from this mug.  Here's a direct link to the mug in our store.

The mug looks great and the station logo really "pops" on this mug.  The other impressive thing is how it was shipped.  Look at the pictures below.  See how secure the packaging is?  I've ordered mugs from other places over the years and many times they've arrived broken.  So I was quite pleased to see that there was care taken when packing this mug.

Swing City Radio Mug Swing City Radio Mug

Here are some photos of the front and back of the mug.  The picture on the right is a little blurry but I'm sure you get the point.

Swing City Radio Mug  Swing City Radio Mug

Don't forget to check out our Swag page for other items!

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