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Picture of Raymond Scott and Dorothy Collins

Raymond Scott is best known for his classic recordings of songs like "Powerhouse", "Twilight in Turkey" and so many more.  Personally, he is one of my favorite artists from the Era.

Throughout the 1950's and well into the 60's, while other bandleaders were fading into the past, Raymond Scott pursued another of his many passions, the commercial jingle. 

During a span of roughly 15 years, Scott and his then wife, Dorothy Collins, recorded dozens and dozens of commercial jingles for products like Listerine, Sprite, Hamm's Beer, Tareyton Cigarettes, Vicks Medicated Cough Drops, and many others!

I'm telling you, the more I learn about Raymond Scott over the years, the more he just simply amazes me with his creativity and versatility.  I've included a couple of samples below for you to enjoy.

By the way, I found a very funny line in one of the descriptions describing the collection of these recorded jingles.  It simply states, "Products may contain soy, wheat, dairy, or Mel Tormé." - Enjoy!

Listen to: RCA Victor TV - "New Sensations in Sound"

Listen to: "When You Shop at a Food Town Store"

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