Watch the Soundie: Tampico

Picture of June Christy

Today's Soundie features Stan Kenton and His Orchestra. "Tampico" was a Top 10 Hit for the band and just happened to be the first Kenton song to feature the vocals of June Christy.  Christy later commented, "She had been disappointed that her first recording with Kenton was 'Tampico', but was fortunate that it was a hit and established her right away."

The Soundie was released to the Panoram Nation in November of 1945.  The song pokes fun at the Mexican city of Tampico suggesting it had become more Americanized than the United States itself.  There are many lines of the song that point out that most of the "Mexican" souvenirs which could be bought in Tampico had been ironically manufactured in the U.S. 

Also, I just have to add that June Christy is by far, my favorite Kenton vocalist. Enjoy!

Watch: "Tampico" by Stan Kenton with June Christy on vocals.

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