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As a bandleader, Lani McIntire led his Aloha Islanders from 1935 to 1950.  They released dozens of successful records, and the American public, who was simply fascinated with Hawaiian culture during that time, turned them into hits.

McIntyre is most remembered for featuring the Hawaiian guitar and steel guitar and helped popularize the instrument, which eventually became a mainstay in American country and western music.  His brother Dick McIntire is considered a steel guitar legend.

The Aloha Islanders later changed their name to Lani McIntire and his Hawai'ians and worked with Bing Crosby on the original versions of "Blue Hawaii" and "Sweet Leilani". In the 1940's, Lani McIntire also starred in about a half-dozen Soundies and also appeared in four Hollywood Films.

My personal favorite by McIntire is a song called "Holoholo Kaa".  It's a great example of how Hawaiian music can blend so well with Big Band music, if done correctly.  And Lani knew how to do it correctly.  This Soundie also features Lani's brother Dick McIntire singing in this one.  

It's also important to note that Lani last name was spelled "McIntyre" on some recordings.  Enjoy.

Lani McIntire performs "Holoholo Kaa"

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