Soundie: Sentimental Journey

Picture of Bob Anthony and Eugenie Baird

Today's Soundie is "Sentimental Journey" by Glen Grey and The Casa Loma Orchestra.  This simple and straight-forward performance was released to Panoram machines in July of 1945.  The Soundie features the vocals of both Bob Anthony and Eugenie Baird.  For some reason, many resources list the vocalist as Skip Nelson, but that is incorrect.

The performance itself lacks the strong emotions usually associated with this song but still remains entertaining. Bob Anthony provided vocals for the bands of Randy Brooks, Bob Chester and Harry James as well as forming his own band in the early 1950's.  Eugenie Baird sang for Jan Savitt, Tony Pastor and a few others.  She was also the first female vocalist to be featured in the long history of The Casa Loma Orchestra.

Watch: "Sentimental Journey" by Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra

"Sentimental Journey" was the first of seven official Soundies that Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra filmed for the Panoram.  Enjoy!

Picture of Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra

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