Soundie: "Here Comes the Fattest Man in Town"

Picture of Gloria Parker

Today's Soundie features the beautiful and multi-talented Gloria Parker.  This gem is called "Here Comes the Fattest Man in Town" and was filmed in 1946.  It also includes an appearance by the legendary Mel Blanc.

This is just one of a handful of great Soundies that showcases Miss Parker's many talents.  She also stars in "Broadway and Main", "Four Letters", "Penthouse Party" and "Wise Men Say".  Unlike many other Soundies, these were well produced and Parker herself composed the music and wrote the lyrics.  Her backup musicians in this performance include members of the house band from the Edison Hotel in New York.

Gloria Parker was much more than a pretty face that looked good on film.  She worked as a songwriter, bandleader, musician and actress.  A complete entertainer. She performed with her orchestras playing the marimba, piano, organ, violin, viola, vibraphone, xylophone, guitar, drums, all types of Latin percussion instruments and, of course, glass harp or what many people call "musical glasses".  Now for the record, I've seen many people "play" musical glasses in the past, but Gloria's performances are simply amazing.

Her radio program "The Gloria Parker Show", which aired from 1950 to 1957, featured her all-female "Swingphony", the largest big band led by a woman.  During her career, she also led "Gloria Parker and the Coquettes" and "Glorious Gloria Parker and Her All-Girl Rumba Orchestra." 


Watch: "Here Comes the Fattest Man in Town" by Gloria Parker

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