Music from "Let's Go To Town"

Pic of "Let's Go To Town"

This month I've added many songs to the Swing City Radio rotation from a show called "Let's Go To Town".  "Let's Go To Town" was a variety show sponsored by the U.S. National Guard, and it was used as a public relations and recruitment tool. The show had a few hosts while on the air, but the most notable was Mason Adams, who appears in the persona of "Corporal Eddie Carter" of the National Guard. Let's just say he was a very energetic fellow.

The broadcasts took place at The Armory and also included information about veterans' benefits and the advantages of joining the National Guard. It was distributed to radio stations via transcription discs and aired on radio stations in the early to mid 1950's.

Listen to: "Lean Baby" by Billy May and His Orchestra from the show "Let's Go To Town".

The show featured some great music by some of the most popular Big Band artists of the early 50's.  I was able to extract songs by Billy May, The Fabulous Dorsey Brothers, Johnny Long, Les Elgart, Ralph Flanagan, Tony Pastor and many more.  The music has been "cleaned up" and has already been added to Swing City Radio.  So keep an ear out for these fantastic performances.  I also plan on featuring some of this music on the podcast in early June.


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