Playlist Additions - May 2024

I just recently added the following to the Swing City Radio Playlist:

Songs from The Raymond Scott Show:

Various tracks from "The Raymond Scott Show" that were featured on an Voice of America Transcription series called "Music From America".  These contain some fantastic tracks by Raymond.  Listen for gems like "Mash Pash", "Mohawk Special", "Tired Little Teddy Bear" and a unique version of "Begin the Beguine".  Dorothy Collins provides the vocals on many other tracks as well.

Listen to: "Mash Pash" by Raymond Scott

Music from Dance Time U.S.A:

Dance Time U.S.A. aired over Voice Of America during the 1950's and showcased some of the biggest names in hot and sweet Jazz dance music of that time.  Keep an ear out for songs by icons like Guy Lombardo and Ray Anthony, as well as some lesser known names like Larry Faith, Henry Jerome and Oscar Dumont.  Good quality recordings of some better Swing from the 1950's.

Also added this month are some various tracks by Jack Teagarden, The Dinning Sisters, Buddy Clark and Nan Wynn.


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