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Johnny Mercer's Music Shop was an old-time radio program that featured some of the most popular songs of its day and included musical performances by Johnny Mercer, Jo Stafford, The Pied Pipers and other well known names. The Mercer performances on the show are simply fantastic!  The show's band was led by Paul Weston and the music he provides is top shelf.

Johnny Mercer's Music Shop was first broadcast on NBC Radio in 1943 as a summer replacement for The Pepsodent Show which starred Bob Hope. A year later, the program returned with a slightly different format and was broadcasted by both NBC and The Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS).  The AFRS would transmit the shows to United States military personnel serving around the world.  The show is sometimes referred to as "The Chesterfield Music Shop" due to Chesterfield's sponsorship of the show.  

I've been hard at work extracting these great performances from the original recordings and cleaning up the audio, just so I can play them for you on Swing City Radio. I think you are really going to dig these tracks and you will begin to hear them in the normal daily rotations by the end of January.


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